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Staffing Factoring Solutions

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Temporary staffing factoring from American Receivable provides quick funding for temporary staffing agencies in Texas and across the U.S.

Temporary staffing companies face a unique situation when it comes to invoicing.

The fact that they often don’t get paid until weeks after they have filled their clients’ job vacancies, but have weekly or bi-weekly payroll obligations themselves. This situation can result in frequent cash flow problems. In many cases, the solution is either a traditional bank loan, or factoring.

Traditional Funding vs. Staffing Factoring

Traditional bank loans typically require you to go through a lengthy and invasive audit and approval process that can take weeks to complete, and typically limit how you can use your funds.

Staffing Factoring from American Receivable provides your staffing agency with a quick and easy way to get the funds you need to meet operating and payroll requirements. And, because we handle all of the time-consuming collections activities, you have more time to focus on growing your business.

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How Does Staffing Factoring Work?

Staffing factoring from American Receivable is a simple process, that provides you with the immediate cash flow you need in as little as 24 hours.

  1. Your customer places an order with you.
  2. You provide the invoice to American Receivable and receive funding – typically within 24 hours (less a small reserve).
  3. You use the factoring proceeds to meet day-to-day operating and payroll obligations.
  4. American Receivable releases the reserve to you.

Why Choose American Receivable for Your Staffing Factoring?

For nearly 40 years American Receivable has been providing small to mid-sized business with the financial resources they need to meet their daily operating and payroll requirements.

We’re an owner managed factoring company, which gives us the flexibility to offer the short- or long-term factoring solution that meets your specific needs. Other advantages of our staffing factoring solutions include:

  • Competitive rates – currently as low as .8%
  • No upfront fees
  • No application fees
  • No financial audit
  • No hidden costs
  • No long-term commitment
  • No negative impact on your credit rating
  • Advances of up to 95%
  • Value added services, including free Dun and Bradstreet reports

Call us now at 1-800-297-6652 to learn whether staffing factoring is the right solution for your specific situation.

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